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2″ W 40″ L Channel of Line Cover Kit

2″ x 40″ Channel of Line set Cover

Airhvacparts offers a range of channel size: in 5 widths, in 6-1/2 feet or 40 in lengths. Includes installation screws and accessories.

Size include:

A solution to cover line sets: Channels, Soffit Inlet, Penetration Cover Tees , Duct End and Fittings for ductless HVAC systems.

Our Channel made from ultra durable plastic material, the channel is waterproof, flame-retardant, and has excellent weather resistance and high load capacity, making it a safe choice for any installation. Airhvacparts channel is a great option, which for adding to new or existing installations of any brand of mini split air conditioner or heat pump.

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Upgrade Your HVAC System with Channel 2 Air Conditioner Line Set Cover Kit.

Cover Line Sets, drain lines, and control cables when they can cannot be installed in a wall, covers and hides unsightly refrigeration pipes on your external walls.

– Protects the Line Set: wiring and drainage lines from weather and other elements, prolong piping life

– Clean-Cut: The refrigerant pipe is ingeniously contained within and protected by the cover kit, keeping the piping organized and clearing up the external wall for a professional installation appearance.

– Easy Cut: The straight ducts can be easily cut down to an exact length if needed.

– Add Line Coverage: Can be added on to new or existing installations. This kit is designed to cover a maximum of 40 feet of line, but if you have longer lines, you can easily add additional kits for seamless coverage

– Easy Installation: The PVC Line Cover Kit can be added to any previous or existing installation easily.
This 2″ W x40″ L decorative accessory is designed for Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, offering both style and functionality.

– Works with any brand name Mini Split or Central Air Conditioner

If you are a distributor of HVAC parts, Airhvacparts Channel is a great choice for adding to new or existing installations of any brand of mini split air conditioner or heat pump.


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