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4 in Union Coupling for Air Conditioning Line Set Cover

4″ Union Coupling
Union couplings  for line set cover are used for joining two pieces of Channel. Each coupling is individually packed, and is furnished complete with stainless steel screws.

Available size include:
2” white
3” white
4” white
5” white
6” white


  • Easy installation
  • Paintable for custom appearance
  • Natural color blends with almost any construction aesthetic
  • Flat bottom channel sets on surfaces and corners better
  • Stainless steel screws will not rust
  • Aesthetically pleasing flat escutcheon option

–  An innovative channel system used to cover air conditioning line sets.
–  The two part system has a base and a cover.
–  Using standard cable ties, the line set, cables, control wires, and/or condensate drain line are fastened in place.
–  Manufactured from rigid PVC, the system is a natural color that is a very close match to the typical mini-split condensing unit case. However, the system can be painted as desired to match any wall color.
–  The PVC used in system is resistant to UV light, durable, water proof, flame retardant, excellent weather resistance, high load capacity.

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Put your form with the JMS Line Cover Kit.

This modular system is designed to elevate the look of your final installation while protecting the vital electrical, refrigerant, and plumbing lines using professional-grade materials engineered for maximum weather resistance.

Whether a brand new or previously installed AC, this sleek kit will complete any project perfectly with easy-to-assemble components able to fit virtually any desired configuration. It can also be used for many other indoor and outdoor applications when you need enclosed protection versatile enough to meet your demands.

Neutral white color out of the box, it can be painted or colored to be more or less visible, and the straight ducts can be cut down if needed for an exact length. This particular kit is designed for a maximum 6-1/2″  of line coverage, though additional kits can be seamlessly added if you have longer lines.






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